Friday, January 24, 2014


If you knew something was wrong about your past what would you do?
Would you hide it away from light? And punish it for being there...
Would you shy away from it, too scared about what it meant?

It seems we do that to survive, to keep moving forward, parts broken and hanging off.
But it is an incomplete existence to drag parts of you behind and away from the light that you are.

I will choose to bring it inside of me, to love it fiercely, to protect and be a champion for myself.
When I do this I only gain joy, not inherit the pain of the past.
The past is done and finished.  Nothing can change that, but I can change how I see myself.
Or how I move in the world with this piece that has been kept away in the dark alone and afraid.

I always feel strange when I am doing this.  Floating and unfocused.
I know that it is from the hidden has had to stay unfocused, unseen for so long it has forgotten how to be seen.  Patience and stillness are the methods of letting these things heal.
You cannot force, you cannot do anything but be respectful knowing that place is raw and unfinished.

I have made my decision to bring things forward into the light.
What will you choose for yourself?
It's not the easy way.
Hard and powerful is this path.
Worth every bit.

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