Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The angel of unknown origin

She arrived just yesterday.
Looking at me with the full awareness of the Heavens.
Where did she come from?
I could not fathom her purpose in visiting me here.

I'm here to remind you.
I'm here to show you something you have long forgotten.
The purity of love, of innocence, of beauty.
This world can make you forget when those around you are unable to see.
I know you can see the edges and feel the texture of it.
I can feel your panic and discomfort.
Return to the original source, become quiet, sit, breathe.

And then I realized I contained the peace I sought.
Returning back to the time before I came this time.
To the moments before my first breath.
Love and connection in its purest form.

Then I remembered who she was.........

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