Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Good and Strong

When you began, the world disagreed.
I looked inward at you, good and strong, you held the space.
Big gigantic beings looked at me from the trees and told me you were protected.

Then the task was external.
To protect from darkness.
How did I make it through?
Looking back I really don't know.
They tell me it's because I'm good and strong.

My task is to hold that goodness in my heart.
That truth that makes me fierce enough to persist.
To thrive.
This truth is love, and knowing so deeply that the divine is magical.
I live inside that magic every day and it keeps me safe.
It protects me because there is always a bigger monster standing with me.
I'm comfortable with them and love them for their strange beauty.
In turn, they keep me surrounded.
So it's easy to stay good, to be strong, to love and create freely.

I understand now that when you began there was never any worry.
And when I forgot and thought I was alone and unprotected the beasties where there.
Waiting to eat up the darkness that threatened....
Always there.
Love and gratitude.
That's how I can be this right now. 

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