Friday, December 20, 2013

Almost forgotten.

Reaching through time takes a strange focus.
Strange angles, upside down glances.
You can miss things if you look straight.
Things hide. Things camouflage themselves. Things change.

Glancing into the corners, the nooks and crannies.
Something long lost....almost forgotten.
Found and held in the gentle hand of memory.
It wishes to be in the safety of the dark places.
The light is too bright too glaring.

Place the memory in a quieter place, away from the light.
Not back to the darkness though, place it someplace safe.
Close to you, like a back pocket to take out in quite moments.
Then back again when it wishes to return to a more private space.

Keep your memories close, they are fragile things, sensitive and wandering.
You mustn't scare them away with loudness and strong focus...
But glance at them with soft and gentle focus, lovingly.

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