Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Healing the past.

The past feels like ice slipping out of my pores.
I hope I'm melting it away.
The ice encased me, frozen and stuck.
Always looking out hoping for warmth to thaw this isolation.

The warmth came later...
Not too late, just later so that the ice is still sliding down my chest and belly.
I know I am melting, a mess trying to get it together.

I'm reaching through to the past to pull myself here...all here.
I have found her...all alone....I am holding her through the barriers of time.
I will not let go...I will pull her into the warmth I have found....hold her.

We all have that obligation to those lost parts, those frozen, those all alone.
To reach through time and bring them here with us, both safe, all safe.

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