Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'm made of this.....

I was born into this world unsure if this was the right place.
I came from dragons and firebirds.
All movement and sound and magic.

This earth felt sterile, only forgotten magic.
I found in dreams I could find my creatures.
They could only visit least there.

Then I realized I could paint and draw and speak them here.
I could dance the magic back.
I could breath them back.
Slowly, carefully with focus.

I remembered again that this is where they were birthed.
Those dragons and firebirds they were born from the earth and sky.
They move inside the mountains and soar above the clouds.
We forget them and can't see them because we forgot our magic.
Our imagination, our link to the other world.
We can see and feel them here if only we remember.....
I remember sometimes.....

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