Wednesday, April 30, 2014


She was a foundling.
Crying under the moon, the guardians of the forest took her as their own.
She never knew her human mother and father.
The red bird with the shiny wings was her mother, the tree serpent her father.
So she played in the trees and flew the skies on top her mother.

Sometimes in flight she saw strange animals moving frantically below.
So strange she thought those creatures were.

At night she would sing the tree songs.
During the light she would play and gather plants for food and medicines.
Her spirit father would help her sort them by smell and texture.
Their shared language with shared thoughts and movements.

She didn't know she was human.
She didn't know how to be like them.

One day she was told by her spirit parents that she needed to learn of her human ways.
Funny, she thought I don't think I can do this.
They are so different speaking words that do agree with their minds.
Not smelling, or feeling or moving with thier knowing.

So she wandered into a village.
Picking up random things, staring at them wonderingly.
She picked up a spoon and stuck it into her wild hair...something shiny.
She saw herself in a reflective surface and laughed...what a strange creature in this thing.

She was a foundling, a forest creature, a spirit child.
Human in form only.  

When the others approached her in the village she froze.
What are those creatures?
A strange feeling started creeping into her stomach.
She felt unease from the strangeness.  
Running, running to the edge of the forest to safety.
She peers out curious and afraid.

Another day, another day.....

Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'm made of this.....

I was born into this world unsure if this was the right place.
I came from dragons and firebirds.
All movement and sound and magic.

This earth felt sterile, only forgotten magic.
I found in dreams I could find my creatures.
They could only visit least there.

Then I realized I could paint and draw and speak them here.
I could dance the magic back.
I could breath them back.
Slowly, carefully with focus.

I remembered again that this is where they were birthed.
Those dragons and firebirds they were born from the earth and sky.
They move inside the mountains and soar above the clouds.
We forget them and can't see them because we forgot our magic.
Our imagination, our link to the other world.
We can see and feel them here if only we remember.....
I remember sometimes.....

Monday, April 21, 2014

She dreams in dance

When I was a girl,
I would listen to my favorite music entranced, 
I would close my eyes and I saw myself inside a dance.

I constantly choreographed.
I always saw stories inside the sound.
Then I would spend the day moving, dancing, feeling.

I was a lonely child but in my imagination I thrived.
I danced, I painted, I invented all manner of things.
Wrapping myself in this world.
It saved me-my dancing self.
Dancing still does....thank you dancing self for letting me live inside this dream.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tibetan symbolism and meanings behind my tattoo.....

The Tiger abides in the South, symbolizing unconditional confidence, disciplined awareness, kindness and modesty. It is relaxed yet energized; resting in a gentle state of being that has a natural sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, referring to the state of enlightenment. 
Associations: main quality is confidence, dominance over forest, and the air element.

Snow Lion
The Snow Lion resides in the East and represents unconditional cheerfulness, a mind free of doubt, clear and precise. It has a beauty and dignity resulting from a body and mind that are synchronized. The Snow Lion has a youthful, vibrant energy of goodness and a natural sense of delight. Sometimes the throne of a Buddha is depicted with eight Snowlions on it, in this case, they represent the 8 main Bodhisattva-disciples of Buddha Shakyamuni, the historical Buddha.
Associations: main quality is fearlessness, dominance over mountains, and the earth element.


The Garuda is daring and fearless and abides in the north. With great strength and power it soars beyond without holding back. It symbolizes freedom from hopes and fears, the vast mind without reference point. It is a powerful antidote to the negative influences of Nagas (spirits) which can cause disease and all kinds of harm.

Associations: main quality is wisdom, dominance over the sky, and the fire element.

Physically, the 'vase of inexhaustible treasures' is modelled on the traditional Indian clay water pot or kumbha with a flat base, round body, narrow neck and fluted upper rim. However much is removed from it, this vase remains perpetually full. Wealth vases, sealed with precious and sacred substances, are commonly placed upon altars and on mountain passes, or buried at water springs, where their presence is believed to attract wealth and bring harmony to the environment. In relation to Buddhism it specifically means the spiritual abundance of the Buddha, a treasure that did not diminish, however much of it he gave away.
The question still remains of the association of these eight symbols with the Buddha's actual physical body. An ancient text called the Heap of Good Fortune Sutra (Aryamangalakutanama-mahayanasutra), while addressing the Buddha, has this to say on the issue:

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Becoming Light

I've decided that from this day forward I will let it all go.
I will let my pain fall to the ground like feathers.
I will let fall my regrets, anything that weighs me down.
Like a shawl of feathers that has been worn too much, feathers coming out and becoming lost.
I will replace the feathers with light.
Light woven from joy and gratitude.
Until I am clothed in nothing but light.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Magic Kitty

This cat lives in the world of dreams.

Dreams made from the darkest part of sleep.

The ones we forget and can't remember upon awakening.

That's why you don't remember her.

The one who watches with the other beasties.

They make sure we make it back in the morning.

The beasties walk in between keeping us from the true nightmares.

The nightmares the can wake us, convince us that they are real.

Magic kitty keep me safe and watch over me as I sleep.

Bring me back whole, remembering who I am.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


I'm standing in the middle of two forces.
Light and not light.

What is my truth?
Love, serve, heal.

What is mine enemy?
Fear takes and cannot see and ending to its need.
Fear is hungry and violating, never stopping.

What protects me?
Light, fierce and clear.
Wisdom from the deep pool of truth.
Protection is reaching for me.....

Alone here until a solution is given,
Waiting again, always waiting for protection to arrive.

Again I must reach inside...

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Maiden of Spring.

It's time to awake.
The long cold is coming to and end.
This time it seemed to linger so long, forever long.
I'm ready for the warmth of the sun to stir my blood.
I'm ready for the spring rains to wash the bitterness of the long months away.
Flowers grow from my limbs, leaves grow above renewed.
To feel clothed again in the bounty of springs energies.
I am a maiden of spring.