Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lady of the burning heart

0008 Queen Corvidae

0008 Queen Corvidae by Alsia Soiset, Photo found on internet by Bob Bianson. (White Ravens and Albino's Exist in the Northwest, which is quite amazing and beautiful)
Skadi reached across the front seat of her queen.  Taking the steering wheel in her hands she brought the car into a supermarket parking lot.

"Queen you must press the breaks!" screamed Trix.  She was getting ready to slap her but knew that would have it's own consequences.  Dying wasn't one of them so she thought the alternative was preferable.  Whatever was happening inside of Queen Corvidae's head it was all consuming.  She was afraid to know what had happened.

Trix focused back to the problem at hand.  Stopping this stupid car.  It just affirmed her hatred of cars.  Flying was so much more convenient and elegant and it didn't involved huge constructions of metal flying towards other hulking metal death traps. 
"Fire!" cried the queen.

"They're dead, all my children at Carkeek." When she first connected to her lover and mate she saw all her beloved children.  Then suddenly she could hear the screams and see only bright light.  Fire.  Normally her crows would know to fly away but it was an explosion of fire.  Sudden and all consuming.  Her other children that lived throughout the world could feel her cry in their heads.  Throughout the world the crow world went on high alert.  The Queen had yelled inside their heads.
"Beware to all, there is darkness afoot.  I will find it and together we will remove it.  We will destroy this enemy so completely there will be no sound, no stories about this being, we are one family, united we will have our justice." And as a whole species they knew her words were true.  The bravest warriors from all the clans across the world were already finding their way to her.  Her army of black.

Story by Alsia Soiset copyright 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

Queen Corvidae, Trix, and Skadi

The three..
Together beyond endless time

Together they will have to face dangers
Strange beasties not of their ilk
Light and dark, grey 

Family above all else
Loyalty complete

They will fight for their own
No one else
No matter what

0007 Queen of Crows story by Alsia Soiset

She could see through the eyes of her crows.  The mother and guardian of the hive mind of her winged family.  If she wanted she could access each and every mind for information.  Her consciousness held a thousand eyes and with them the information of the human realm, the spirit realm, any realm her birds could see.  They saw in ultraviolet and polarized vision.  Crows could see so much.  Odin in his wisdom used this ability of hers and of the crows to collect information, to sift through it and report to him.  Odin could see but the reason he could was because he had the Ravens and Crows working for him.  Without them his vision dimmed.
Most of the time she only allowed a select few of her crows vision enter into her consciousness.  Otherwise she found it difficult to navigate the human form.  Her mate was one of those strong connections she monitored.  He was in charge of their large tribe.  He oversaw conflicts and held court while she was gone.  She checked in as she was approaching her destination to see Odin in Ballard. 
As she looked through her mate's eyes she saw fire.  She could feel his fear, the crows in her family were terrified.  She started loosing control of the black Mustang. 
"What the Fuck!" screamed Skadi.  She could see that her Queen was somewhere else.  She knew that something bad was happening because her Queen, the strength of her tribe was ashen and looked terribly afraid and then terribly alone. Worst of all she had lost complete control over the vehicle and Skadi was sure they were going to crash into the car in front of them.
"Something's wrong!" yelled Trix.  Trix too was feeling the waves of fear wash over her mistress.  Her Queen was never afraid.  She was fearless and somewhat ruthless in her rulings.  This was bad, very bad......
Story By Alsia Soiset and copyrighted 2014.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

0006 Queen Corvidae

0006:  Queen Corvidae by Alsia Soiset
As the gentle screams of her handmaidens went on in the background as she drove towards Ballard, the All-Father, and most likely a heap of trouble she thought of what she had to leave behind.
She was responsible for one of the largest Roosts in the city.  She was the hive mind for all of the crows across the world but her home was Carkeek Park.  She liked the ocean views, the forests and she missed her mate.

As an immortal she had to learn that life and death were fluid things.  As a crow, family was everything.  Your mate had your back, your children, your parents and siblings.  As an immortal she forever lived but her family  changed and morphed over the millennia.  It didn't matter because she loved them all fiercely. 

She had left her mate in charge of the family, her precious crows.  He was well suited for the task as she had chosen him from all the male crows, but she hated to be away.  Her handmaidens were the only ones who lived as she did, immortal, gifted to her to watch and protect her.  Sigh, Skadi and Trix were the best, the most fierce excepting in the case of her driving.

"Please stop screaming you two, I think we are just about to Ballard and then I have to park this hulk of a car." She said with annoyance.  I mean, if you can't handle a car weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds what kind of bird were you anyway?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Queen Corvidae circa 1712

Queen Corvidae 0001-005 by Alsia Soiset


“Report” The Queen said. Every dawn she asked her children to tell her what was happening in the world around her. It had been the same since the day great father Odin had touched her forehead and told her to awake. He had then commanded her to gift him with her best sons to serve him. For two Ravens served by his side he saw a need for an army built on information.  A hive mind of black winged birds.


"Mother" They always called her thus. "Something has changed.” Indeed it had. She was ready.


The Queen was elegant, beautiful, sublime and the leader of an army of the most intelligent flying species in the planet. The crows….


STORY BY ALSIA SOISET. To be continued……



The Story of the Queen of the Crows:

"Mother, the clans are becoming restless.  There is something coming and they don't like it. " Her lieutenant reported to her, strain in his voice.  He was one of her many sons that served her. 

Queen Corvidae could feel it too.  It was a queasy feeling mixed with anticipation.  She just wanted whatever it was to happen. 

"Thank you son, you are dismissed back to your clan.  I think it's time I have a talk with the All-Father Odin." Queen Corvidae was tired.  The trip to get to the All-Father was long and dangerous but she had no choice. 

0002 of the Queen of Crows by Alsia Soiset


Well the trip to the all father was long and dangerous in a way. 

She really did hate changing her form into human.  Being a immortal she never aged. She was dark haired gorgeous Goth princess. She wore black of course.  To keep current with the fashion of the times she had a number of symbolically and specially placed tattoos.   She could care less about her human form, it was just a way to move among the humans conveniently.

She stared at herself in the mirror of her black Mustang.  Her eyes looked back at her almost black in color.

I'd rather be flying.  She thought that driving was so cumbersome almost profane. Dammit, where are my handmaidens? I have to make it to Ballard to meet with the All-Father.

Story and Photography by Alsia Soiset

Skadi and Trix were late to meet with their Queen, their mother….Queen Corvidae.  Her handmaidens where busy patrolling their roosting grounds.  They were passionate about their job, some could say ruthless.  Meh.  Crows served their own purposes and their clan.  All else didn’t matter.  Except in this instance.  When the Queen called they were duty bound to respond.

"Skadi, we have to get the Queen, and  we need to change into human form." Trix was not pleased to have to change. She lived to fly, to be with her clan mates.  Human bodies were cumbersome and frankly to her mind ugly. 

Skadi and Trix changed.  They wore black. No surprise.  Crow people prefer black.  Skadi had a blue Mohawk, because if you were going to be human she figured you should have fun.  Skadi was pure mischief but the Queen trusted her because she had been her handmaiden since the beginning.



Queen Corvidae/A Story of the Queen of Crows by Alsia Soiset -


"Where are they?" The Queen asked into thin air.  Her handmaidens better get here quick.  She started thinking of ways to make their lives more interesting, maybe she would have them find her something shiny and expensive.  Something sparkly. 


"Queen we are sorry we are late," said Trix.  She looked at Skadi accusingly.


"What? I can't help it if I had to put together a decent outfit."  Skadi was one to preen herself in either form.  She prided herself on her blue Mohawk and she liked her outfit to match. 


"Let's go girls.  I hope you brought your favorite weapons.  We are going to meet with the All-Father but I have no idea what he wants so we better go prepared.  Last time he sent us to take care of one of his messes we almost got killed."  The Queen wasn't pleased but she knew that this time Odin needed her to help with something that was of their mutual concern.


She wasn't a particularly good driver.  Hence the dangerous part of the journey.  Trix and Skadi looked pained and held onto the car and tried not to transform back into birds to get away.  Duty to your Queen really could be challenging...

Saturday, October 11, 2014


A Shaman sees the world
Then sees it a step beyond the ordinary
The stories of the spirits who move around us
Speak and flash images of beyond truths
Color abounds in this state, it's moreness singing 
Open to all truths, no truth just this
Yes this
All colors dancing, moving beyond 
Close your ordinary eyes
Open different eyes, the ones that can see beyond 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Crow spirit

Crow spirit is strong
A United clan of black winged spirits
Clever scavengers
When I watch them I know they watch me too
I am honored they let me walk beside them

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The bird of many colors

Geisha from the red blossom

The red blossom bleeds
Bleeds with passion
Not lust
She's too practical, too ruthless
Passion for making the most of each moment
She doesn't hold back
That's why she is the geisha of the red blossom....

Monday, September 29, 2014

The guardian of the heart

She stands as the guardian
Above the heart
Looking in all directions 
Seeing all 
The opportunities for love
For learning 

There are times though that the heart must rest
She guards then too
Rests alongside 
Wraps around

The heart needs rest
The mind also
That's why she stands guard
To remind gently 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The child of the red birds

Two birds
One heart
A child

The mother protects
The father nourishes
Birds have different ways of being
The child learns to fly

Her heart is complete 
Two birds
One heart
A child 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

In the heart of the forest.

In the heart of the forest
There lives a guardian
Who watches the heart of the trees
Secret and precious, she loves them
Talks to them
Looks at the roots, sees the flow
Tends to the imbalances 
Touches the trunk
Strengthens the outer, the inner
Stares through the branches and leaves
Sings with the wind
Dances as they sway
All in the heart of the forest

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A being of cloud and sea

These beautiful beings 
They don't conform to the rules 
They are born from the sky, the sea
They travel between as a bee to the hive
When they transform into the waters they become one
As One mind
When they ascend to the sky they become singular 
Always moving between between these realms
What messages to they deliver as they evaporate into mist?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Walking inside the clouds.

Walking inside the clouds
Visions of light and shadows 
Movement of light dancing in my hair
Singing in the distance, laughter
Swirling around me
Not solid, just out of sight...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Beyond sight.

Beyond the surface there are so many things to see.
You can't use your eyes.
You can't use what you think you know.
Only through seeing with your heart, your knowing, and letting go
Will you truly see.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Looking down from the clouds.

Looking down from the heavens.
They watch us.
They cannot change what we do.
So they change themselves hoping we will learn.
They show us things change from one moment to another...
It seems we have forgotten to look up, to stare at the sky.
Always looking down or at our phones.
Our minds fixed improperly - so fixed, inflexible.
Open your mind, stare into the heavens, the clouds.
Expand, be flexible....and let go.
Become like the sky - open.

Monday, September 15, 2014

She dances with dragons.

She dances with dragons.
Not here, but where the dragons live.
Inside dreams, inside the realm of magic.
She knows how to walk through the walls that separate us from them.
They are thinner than you would imagine...
Actually that's the secret...imagination and trust.
She trusts and so she arrives dressed to dance.
When you dance with dragons.
It's all circles and energy.
Her dress curls around her....
Happily spinning inside thier coils she laughs
Laughing in the pure joy of the one who dances with dragons.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Center

Going within.
Finding the source.
Endless like the Ocean.
Vast like the sky above.
The center will bring you home.
The center is the beginning, the now.
Our heart can rest here.
Floating upon the surface, gently carried and nourished.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Not all angels are sweet.

Not all angels are sweet.
Not all angels are soft and gentle.
Some are made to be warriors.
This angel is all about what needs to get done.
Does he carry a sword?
No, he has truth.
Truth cuts deeper.
Truth can feel sharper than a sword.
Truth can lay waste to an entire empire.
It's a dangerous and precious weapon.
That's why some angels are given different wings,
Different tasks. 
Harder tasks.
Tasks that live outside light and dark.
Some angels live outside light and dark in order to serve other purposes.
It can darken and harden their edges, to protect their fierce mission.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Under the canopy

Laying under the canopy 
You can see the sunlight softly through the leaves overhead
You can see the end of summer 
Enjoying the last warmth of the sun
The last beauty of the leaves before they fall

Cave like and safe inside the canopy
Nature soothes us with her quiet song
The end of summer is upon us
Fall will be here soon and the canopy will fall 
to become the carpet underneath our footsteps

I think I'll stay here and linger a little longer
Enjoying those last moments of sunlight playing inside the leaves
Inside of summer.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The dragon lady and her clouds

The dragon lady and her clouds

Dragons love playing in the sky
They race around the sun 
And when they are tired they dive into the ocean 
Laughter and play in the deep waters
Clouds float up from their play
These clouds are magical
created from dragon breath
If you look closely they tell stories
Wonderful stories 

The dragon lady and her clouds
is the keeper of the stories
She loves the clouds and their stories
Her beautiful clouds.

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Lady of Summer

The Lady of summer is only here
for a short time
When she comes to visit
the time slows down and elongates into the warm horizon
Soft breezes and long days

Her beauty is vibrant
her clothing is that of the fully bloomed flowers
She is fresh, full of life

At the end of summer
she returns back into the summer lands
The land of fearie and of magic 

Upon her exit, the leaves dry up
The breezes cold
Life retreats into itself
Into quiet stillness.


On the pathway leading home
She turned to look behind,  
all she could see was her past.

The past was like a series of confusing roots
Looking tangled, going in every direction
But connected to something important.

Some say her past was not worthy of remembering
Looking at it she might judge that at times she seemed lost
Lost to people, to things, to her pain, to her pleasures....
All part of her connected to who she was now.

Moving forward she knew to not be afraid
to accept there would be times of feeling lost
That she would lose herself to any number of things both wonderful and unbalancing.
She would know too that she would continue to be found
Over and over again.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014



It's time to emerge

To play, to discover the world

Oh but to stay in this comfy place!

The time is fast approaching when this chrysalis palace

Will be no more and I must dry my wings in the sun

Just so as to be correctly unfurled through the length of my wings....

Then to the dance of drinking sweet nectar!

From all the flowers I can find...

Yes it's time to be my full self colorful with wings outstretched....

Oh thank you dear chrysalis for your safety and warmth.

I'm ready now!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The celestial voyage.

On the voyage home to the golden shores
A beautiful ship awaits us
Always there is a being present to guide the ship across
This being speaks not on one word
Words would distract from the profound transition to the other shore
The sound of the water lapping against the boat
The stillness of the wind
Is the whisper that carries you across

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Be Happy!

Poetry by Rowan Soiset, Age 11 by permission.

Happiness is the most important thing in the Universe
Make yourself happy, don't try to be sad.
It's important that other people are happy too
Just be happy
If you need a lift 
Just ask
And someone will be there
To save you.

By Rowan Soiset 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Blue Meditation.

Going back to stillness.
Form and breath coalesce.
Sit with your heart and mind open like a white lotus,
Quiet and gently focused,
Lovingly holding light,

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cosmic Dragon

The sun is the left eye,
The moon the right,
The cosmic dragon swims through the heavens.

Carrying the earth through the universe,
A blue egg.
Someday the earth will be born.
It will take a trillion years to travel the distance.
To the new galaxy where the egg will hatch.
The birth of the being from the blue egg is a mystery 
Only the cosmic dragon knows who or what will emerge...
My guess it's something golden, something beautiful.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Good and Strong

When you began, the world disagreed.
I looked inward at you, good and strong, you held the space.
Big gigantic beings looked at me from the trees and told me you were protected.

Then the task was external.
To protect from darkness.
How did I make it through?
Looking back I really don't know.
They tell me it's because I'm good and strong.

My task is to hold that goodness in my heart.
That truth that makes me fierce enough to persist.
To thrive.
This truth is love, and knowing so deeply that the divine is magical.
I live inside that magic every day and it keeps me safe.
It protects me because there is always a bigger monster standing with me.
I'm comfortable with them and love them for their strange beauty.
In turn, they keep me surrounded.
So it's easy to stay good, to be strong, to love and create freely.

I understand now that when you began there was never any worry.
And when I forgot and thought I was alone and unprotected the beasties where there.
Waiting to eat up the darkness that threatened....
Always there.
Love and gratitude.
That's how I can be this right now. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gifts given.

Gifts given,
Blessings planned.

Movement forward,
Gifts change their form.

Who is to know what the universe intends
When things happen.

Being unattached to outcome
Is difficult.

Maybe we need to approach these things,
With delicacy, with silent approach.
Loving all the joy and the sweet sadness that life offers.

And later when we can look back,
With love and appreciation.
With new eyes.
Grateful for gifts given.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fire and wind.

A flame can become more if the wind is willing.
The wind can wrap and coil drawing the fire higher.
If the wind is not gentle, if the wind is fierce the fire can become untamable.

So when the fire and the wind meet they must treat each other with gentleness.
The wind must support and be stable.
The fire itself depends on the breath, but it must not be greedy and consume all.

It is a delicate dance between the wind and fire.
Tensions built from need, from natures way.

What if I wanted to dance in between these forces?
What way would I have to lean? 
Maybe in the spirals I'll move, twirling and laughing,
Warm inside the the play of the wind and fire.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The angel of unknown origin

She arrived just yesterday.
Looking at me with the full awareness of the Heavens.
Where did she come from?
I could not fathom her purpose in visiting me here.

I'm here to remind you.
I'm here to show you something you have long forgotten.
The purity of love, of innocence, of beauty.
This world can make you forget when those around you are unable to see.
I know you can see the edges and feel the texture of it.
I can feel your panic and discomfort.
Return to the original source, become quiet, sit, breathe.

And then I realized I contained the peace I sought.
Returning back to the time before I came this time.
To the moments before my first breath.
Love and connection in its purest form.

Then I remembered who she was.........

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kintsugi...the art of mending with gold.

When we break into pieces 
It feels so raw
Like there is no way to repair ourselves
Our edges feel sharp
Maybe we think it's time to start anew...throw ourselves away

When we break apart from grief
From trauma, from sadness 
There doesn't feel like we can come together again

And then....

The universe reminds you
That you are made of gold that binds each piece to each other
That this life is all about breaking apart and mending
Creating golden streaks that make you more beautiful and strong 
It's poetry and it's a breathtaking journey

Don't worry it will happen again and again
until you are ready to leave this world
Until you are melted down to your pure state
All gold 
All light.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Spirit Bird.

Her wing tips touch the edge of sunrise and sunset on either horizon.
Her vision can see the details of the forest floor and the Tibetan monks in their temples.
She can fly around the earth, the sun, into the stars.

She hunts the dark places and brings light.
She sings the old sounds of the beings who came before form.
She rests in between the old forest and the mountain.

Spirit bird watch over me.
Protect me,
Carry me, deliver me into those dark places and out again.
When I rest can I lie in inside your wings?
Can I fly into the universe with you?
Can I sing the old songs until I grow my own wings and fly alongside?

Love my spirit bird.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Ocean, she is my jewel.

The Ocean, she is my jewel.
Sitting by her i feel the endlessness of time.
In this moment she is peace itself.
In her depths I an breathe in and out.

I know she has the power to undo the world.
Instead she continues to nourish.

She is my jewel
Big and blue
Faceted without end
Beauty that dances with strength 
With grace

So much quiet peace 
In that endless horizon.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Moon's bride.

Pen on paper sketch.

The Moon's bride
Is bold
She must be the keeper of the secrets
Of the tides
And the different faces

That's no small task 

Boldness keeps her moving forward
But stillness is her method
Quietly she watches for right timing
Then she acts completely and without hesitation

Yes she is the perfect bride to the moon.....

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Window within

If you looked inside 
All you find was shards of light
Moving, dancing to the sounds of the world around

If you saw my eyes
You might see that light
Moving and dancing as I watch you

If you saw me dance
The light is expressing itself

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Everyone needs a dragon

Everyone needs a dragon
Dragons love to play in the in between places
They fly and wrap themselves around things that lurk after us
But as I say, your dragon will protect you happily
Munching on the monsters
Burning away the darkness
Curling up at the foot of your bed at night
One eye half open just in case 
Yes, I love my dragon and all her favors
Everyone needs a dragon 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The lady of the three moons

The first moon was the moon of the winter.
The moon was cold and dark.
It wandered in and out of the dream world watching.
The moon would whisper truths inside these dreams.
Mostly forgotten upon awakening.

The second moon was the moon of spring.
The moon of spring liked to stay into the morning
Listening to the birds singing of love 
The moon too would sing a strange melody
The melody is filled with longing...but joyful....accepting.

The third moon is the song of summer.
The moon of summer revels.
As The stars and the moon play 
The warmth of their joy together is felt
More laughter is heard, more excitement is felt
When the moon and the stars play.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Holding Light

Holding light inside my heart
Freely given
I often stand with it pouring out
Some lost, some received, some rejected
But I cannot stop however foolish
Because love and desire for wholeness 
Is the song i wish to create in the world around me.
So let the light pour out, let the song commence...let wholeness be.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Family Portrait

I stand between because I like being nestled in between both halves of my heart
I am lucky
To be connected. 
To be loved, and to love.

They are part of my song

They are their own song - rich and lovely
In between each note we dance together laughing
Laughing at ourselves and each other 
unafraid in our love 

This is my family portrait.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My true heart

My true heart knows
How to be strong
To beat fiercely 

My true heart knows to be still
So I can listen 

My true heart loves
Foolishly, freely, endlessly.

My true heart is simple.

But sometimes I forget
My true heart is patient
Luckily. ;)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Born from completeness

In the beginning we are complete
We forget and become fragmented
We remember and begin the journey back
Stronger we become until we are again whole

Monday, May 19, 2014

We are connected

I am amazed at how connected we all are.
Why do we disconnect then from each other? From ourselves?
Is it because to open up to this means we have to feel? To be real?
Often we feel overwhelmed, hard to protect from the information.
We have forgotten our protectors, our guides that we always had.
I don't really care if you make believe.  
Make it up to be real.  So you can open up to the amazing possibilities the world has to offer.
Walk through this world surrounded by giants so you you tap into the vastness that is.
Because when we know that we are safe then we can be open enough to help others.
To serve and help others that's the stuff that connects us....always.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sweet nectar

Drinking from the flowers
Is sweet business.
Conducted by the senses.
It's not that silly uptight business stuff you do in your suit and tie...
But with feathers and wings.....an estatic dance...
Give me my feathers and wings, my dancing shoes....
And my sweet sweet nectar.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Each woman, each girl that has been taken in this world against her will 
tears a hole.
This hole inside the soul of humanity is tearing apart.
The pain of this must be amended, must be corrected before we all become irrevocably damaged.
Right now we must all turn our hearts to this because to turn away again...will mean we decided to close our hearts to ourselves and to them.

Open your fierce heart.
Let the fire burn outwards towards these girls, these women.
Let the flames burn away their captors and purify the damage done.
Feel yourself surround them in love.
See them return whole and safe.

It does make a difference to send prayers across the world.
Every time you do it, you grow bigger, your heart becomes stronger.
Every time you surround those that suffer with love it changes things.
Don't let your heart close to suffering, let your heart burst it's fierce flames around them.
Fire purifies, fire renews........the heart rules the element of fire for a very good reason.
Let your heart burn in love for them.

I pledge my heart.
My fire.