Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kintsugi...the art of mending with gold.

When we break into pieces 
It feels so raw
Like there is no way to repair ourselves
Our edges feel sharp
Maybe we think it's time to start anew...throw ourselves away

When we break apart from grief
From trauma, from sadness 
There doesn't feel like we can come together again

And then....

The universe reminds you
That you are made of gold that binds each piece to each other
That this life is all about breaking apart and mending
Creating golden streaks that make you more beautiful and strong 
It's poetry and it's a breathtaking journey

Don't worry it will happen again and again
until you are ready to leave this world
Until you are melted down to your pure state
All gold 
All light.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Spirit Bird.

Her wing tips touch the edge of sunrise and sunset on either horizon.
Her vision can see the details of the forest floor and the Tibetan monks in their temples.
She can fly around the earth, the sun, into the stars.

She hunts the dark places and brings light.
She sings the old sounds of the beings who came before form.
She rests in between the old forest and the mountain.

Spirit bird watch over me.
Protect me,
Carry me, deliver me into those dark places and out again.
When I rest can I lie in inside your wings?
Can I fly into the universe with you?
Can I sing the old songs until I grow my own wings and fly alongside?

Love my spirit bird.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Ocean, she is my jewel.

The Ocean, she is my jewel.
Sitting by her i feel the endlessness of time.
In this moment she is peace itself.
In her depths I an breathe in and out.

I know she has the power to undo the world.
Instead she continues to nourish.

She is my jewel
Big and blue
Faceted without end
Beauty that dances with strength 
With grace

So much quiet peace 
In that endless horizon.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Moon's bride.

Pen on paper sketch.

The Moon's bride
Is bold
She must be the keeper of the secrets
Of the tides
And the different faces

That's no small task 

Boldness keeps her moving forward
But stillness is her method
Quietly she watches for right timing
Then she acts completely and without hesitation

Yes she is the perfect bride to the moon.....

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Window within

If you looked inside 
All you find was shards of light
Moving, dancing to the sounds of the world around

If you saw my eyes
You might see that light
Moving and dancing as I watch you

If you saw me dance
The light is expressing itself

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Everyone needs a dragon

Everyone needs a dragon
Dragons love to play in the in between places
They fly and wrap themselves around things that lurk after us
But as I say, your dragon will protect you happily
Munching on the monsters
Burning away the darkness
Curling up at the foot of your bed at night
One eye half open just in case 
Yes, I love my dragon and all her favors
Everyone needs a dragon 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The lady of the three moons

The first moon was the moon of the winter.
The moon was cold and dark.
It wandered in and out of the dream world watching.
The moon would whisper truths inside these dreams.
Mostly forgotten upon awakening.

The second moon was the moon of spring.
The moon of spring liked to stay into the morning
Listening to the birds singing of love 
The moon too would sing a strange melody
The melody is filled with longing...but joyful....accepting.

The third moon is the song of summer.
The moon of summer revels.
As The stars and the moon play 
The warmth of their joy together is felt
More laughter is heard, more excitement is felt
When the moon and the stars play.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Holding Light

Holding light inside my heart
Freely given
I often stand with it pouring out
Some lost, some received, some rejected
But I cannot stop however foolish
Because love and desire for wholeness 
Is the song i wish to create in the world around me.
So let the light pour out, let the song commence...let wholeness be.