Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Family Portrait

I stand between because I like being nestled in between both halves of my heart
I am lucky
To be connected. 
To be loved, and to love.

They are part of my song

They are their own song - rich and lovely
In between each note we dance together laughing
Laughing at ourselves and each other 
unafraid in our love 

This is my family portrait.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My true heart

My true heart knows
How to be strong
To beat fiercely 

My true heart knows to be still
So I can listen 

My true heart loves
Foolishly, freely, endlessly.

My true heart is simple.

But sometimes I forget
My true heart is patient
Luckily. ;)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Born from completeness

In the beginning we are complete
We forget and become fragmented
We remember and begin the journey back
Stronger we become until we are again whole

Monday, May 19, 2014

We are connected

I am amazed at how connected we all are.
Why do we disconnect then from each other? From ourselves?
Is it because to open up to this means we have to feel? To be real?
Often we feel overwhelmed, hard to protect from the information.
We have forgotten our protectors, our guides that we always had.
I don't really care if you make believe.  
Make it up to be real.  So you can open up to the amazing possibilities the world has to offer.
Walk through this world surrounded by giants so you you tap into the vastness that is.
Because when we know that we are safe then we can be open enough to help others.
To serve and help others that's the stuff that connects us....always.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sweet nectar

Drinking from the flowers
Is sweet business.
Conducted by the senses.
It's not that silly uptight business stuff you do in your suit and tie...
But with feathers and estatic dance...
Give me my feathers and wings, my dancing shoes....
And my sweet sweet nectar.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Each woman, each girl that has been taken in this world against her will 
tears a hole.
This hole inside the soul of humanity is tearing apart.
The pain of this must be amended, must be corrected before we all become irrevocably damaged.
Right now we must all turn our hearts to this because to turn away again...will mean we decided to close our hearts to ourselves and to them.

Open your fierce heart.
Let the fire burn outwards towards these girls, these women.
Let the flames burn away their captors and purify the damage done.
Feel yourself surround them in love.
See them return whole and safe.

It does make a difference to send prayers across the world.
Every time you do it, you grow bigger, your heart becomes stronger.
Every time you surround those that suffer with love it changes things.
Don't let your heart close to suffering, let your heart burst it's fierce flames around them.
Fire purifies, fire renews........the heart rules the element of fire for a very good reason.
Let your heart burn in love for them.

I pledge my heart.
My fire.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Ensō symbolizes many more things including: strength, elegance, the universe, single mindedness, the state of mind of the artist at the moment of creation and the acceptance of imperfection as perfect. It also represents the oneness of life and all things contained within it, the spirit of harmonious cooperation, personal development and refinement of character, the visible and the invisible, absolute fullness in emptiness, simplicity, completeness, endlessness, perfect harmony, the circle of infinity and the cyclical nature of existence. The ensō is a manifestation of the moment, an expression of absolute enlightenment, a visual manifestation of the Heart Sutra and a representation of our true and innermost self. The ensō is a universal symbol of wholeness and completion; "form is void and void is form." When viewing ensō, one can see that that form and void are interdependent and, in fact, define each other. There are so many definitions available, that each of us is truly left with the responsibility to select or create our own definition of ensō.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Original skin.

I was born this way.
Covered in blue skin with aqua hair.
Truth and love that's my skin.

I think it's time I unzipped this ugly pink flesh.
It's boring and I'm tired of pretending.
I got this....I think.
I mean how hard is it to run around with green-blue skin?
No one will care right?
If they do, it's ok I'll send my dragons to set them straight.
Or upside down.

Here I go.