Thursday, July 30, 2015

Angels walk in

Angels walk in

I know I saw you
In the corners
A glimpse of you
Sometimes I wish I could see you whole
I know that on that day I will also see myself as whole
Will that day be the day I'm finished here? Will it be the day I leave?

Not trying, looking within, I see the outlines of you
Stronger than a glimpse
Warmer too
The smell of snow
This time I know why I can't see you whole
Why I know that there is a process that must be
I must be patient and trust
There is no rush to see and no rush to be complete

At the end I saw you
When it was time
Old friends we turned out to be
And I remembered I was always whole
That I could always see
And I enjoyed the wait and I enjoyed my blindness for it gave me the gift of patience
It gave me the joy of learning to just be where I was
Seeing you at the edge of my vision
Each day warmer

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