Sunday, November 10, 2013

Strips of black.

If I could clothe myself from ether
I would wrap myself 
In soft silks made from pinks and mossy green,
Those would cover my torso like a slip,
These would lay next to my heart
Tender and venerable.

Then I would gather a long red silk mantle
It would drape over my shoulders and touch the ground,
The first layer if protection in place, laying loose and gentle.

But now the strips of black cloth would wrap around me
It would be made to bind me in,
Not to constrict but to contain.
Snug and graceful both, 
Like a beautiful dress...a black trench coat.

My matrix of beautiful cloth.
I can change it as is needed.
I can strip away the black and red..lay bare my insides.
But not today....
I'm feeling pretty bad ass in black.

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