Tuesday, November 19, 2013



I'm tired a fighting against what is.
In fact I feel quite befuddled by all this.
I tried waving my arms around and throwing things at it.
Amazed at the lack of anything really changing.

I think I'm gonna wait now.
I'm gonna surrender.
There is nothing to do but wait for the next right action.
Listening and listening...still silence.

Good thing I can dance and draw and laugh in this void.
It might keep me from crying, from stamping my feet in frustration.
Gotta surrender and pray to let go of making things happen before their time.

Wish I knew what I was waiting for or what I needed to do.
Oh yeah I have let go that too...
Praying to let go...
Breathing and trusting in Wisdom: 
Shekhinah guide me...

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