Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Autumn Woman

She wears a cloak of leaves
Rooting herself in the earth
She is preparing for the long winter

And so she must let go
Shedding the summer's bounty
All beauty is transient 
All gains fleeting

Autumn is a difficult season
It does have its own secret joys
Because letting go means becoming lighter
Because truth is in the inner, not the outer

Letting go is no small task
It requires special attention to details
You would never let go of your core
No, that you would protect and nourish
And so ready yourself for the season ahead

The Autumn Woman is wise
She lets go of the right things
And protects the core
She knows her true beauty lies within
And she is at peace 
Longing for the restful times ahead
She does not fear the winter
She embraces it, and so come spring
She will thrive and her roots deeper inside the earth
Ready for the rotation of the seasons once again 

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