Saturday, September 5, 2015

The man and the moon

She walks across the earth
Alone in the twilight
She calls to him

He emerges from the dark places
Inside the branches of the trees
Of the ancient forests
Forgotten by man
Hidden in the last remnants of the faerie

He is her companion
A guardian of her heart
He loves her cool beauty
Her white face
Her changing ways

She loves him in return
His ancient laugh
Dark eyes, open to the mysterious
Dark wisdom, knower of truth

They walk together each night
Breathing in the coolness 
Taking in the dreams of the world
Feeling the growth of the plants and flowers
Who all secretly worship her, moon goddess

He stares at her beauty as she looks at a small flower
Hiding his awe
And as she turns to look at him
She smiles, knowingly

Both entranced by each other
Love and joy for the love of night's gifts
They walk until the sun rises
And return to slumber as the world wakes up.

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