Tuesday, October 28, 2014

0008 Queen Corvidae

0008 Queen Corvidae by Alsia Soiset, Photo found on internet by Bob Bianson. (White Ravens and Albino's Exist in the Northwest, which is quite amazing and beautiful)
Skadi reached across the front seat of her queen.  Taking the steering wheel in her hands she brought the car into a supermarket parking lot.

"Queen you must press the breaks!" screamed Trix.  She was getting ready to slap her but knew that would have it's own consequences.  Dying wasn't one of them so she thought the alternative was preferable.  Whatever was happening inside of Queen Corvidae's head it was all consuming.  She was afraid to know what had happened.

Trix focused back to the problem at hand.  Stopping this stupid car.  It just affirmed her hatred of cars.  Flying was so much more convenient and elegant and it didn't involved huge constructions of metal flying towards other hulking metal death traps. 
"Fire!" cried the queen.

"They're dead, all my children at Carkeek." When she first connected to her lover and mate she saw all her beloved children.  Then suddenly she could hear the screams and see only bright light.  Fire.  Normally her crows would know to fly away but it was an explosion of fire.  Sudden and all consuming.  Her other children that lived throughout the world could feel her cry in their heads.  Throughout the world the crow world went on high alert.  The Queen had yelled inside their heads.
"Beware to all, there is darkness afoot.  I will find it and together we will remove it.  We will destroy this enemy so completely there will be no sound, no stories about this being, we are one family, united we will have our justice." And as a whole species they knew her words were true.  The bravest warriors from all the clans across the world were already finding their way to her.  Her army of black.

Story by Alsia Soiset copyright 2014

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