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Queen Corvidae 0001-005 by Alsia Soiset


“Report” The Queen said. Every dawn she asked her children to tell her what was happening in the world around her. It had been the same since the day great father Odin had touched her forehead and told her to awake. He had then commanded her to gift him with her best sons to serve him. For two Ravens served by his side he saw a need for an army built on information.  A hive mind of black winged birds.


"Mother" They always called her thus. "Something has changed.” Indeed it had. She was ready.


The Queen was elegant, beautiful, sublime and the leader of an army of the most intelligent flying species in the planet. The crows….


STORY BY ALSIA SOISET. To be continued……



The Story of the Queen of the Crows:

"Mother, the clans are becoming restless.  There is something coming and they don't like it. " Her lieutenant reported to her, strain in his voice.  He was one of her many sons that served her. 

Queen Corvidae could feel it too.  It was a queasy feeling mixed with anticipation.  She just wanted whatever it was to happen. 

"Thank you son, you are dismissed back to your clan.  I think it's time I have a talk with the All-Father Odin." Queen Corvidae was tired.  The trip to get to the All-Father was long and dangerous but she had no choice. 

0002 of the Queen of Crows by Alsia Soiset


Well the trip to the all father was long and dangerous in a way. 

She really did hate changing her form into human.  Being a immortal she never aged. She was dark haired gorgeous Goth princess. She wore black of course.  To keep current with the fashion of the times she had a number of symbolically and specially placed tattoos.   She could care less about her human form, it was just a way to move among the humans conveniently.

She stared at herself in the mirror of her black Mustang.  Her eyes looked back at her almost black in color.

I'd rather be flying.  She thought that driving was so cumbersome almost profane. Dammit, where are my handmaidens? I have to make it to Ballard to meet with the All-Father.

Story and Photography by Alsia Soiset

Skadi and Trix were late to meet with their Queen, their mother….Queen Corvidae.  Her handmaidens where busy patrolling their roosting grounds.  They were passionate about their job, some could say ruthless.  Meh.  Crows served their own purposes and their clan.  All else didn’t matter.  Except in this instance.  When the Queen called they were duty bound to respond.

"Skadi, we have to get the Queen, and  we need to change into human form." Trix was not pleased to have to change. She lived to fly, to be with her clan mates.  Human bodies were cumbersome and frankly to her mind ugly. 

Skadi and Trix changed.  They wore black. No surprise.  Crow people prefer black.  Skadi had a blue Mohawk, because if you were going to be human she figured you should have fun.  Skadi was pure mischief but the Queen trusted her because she had been her handmaiden since the beginning.



Queen Corvidae/A Story of the Queen of Crows by Alsia Soiset -


"Where are they?" The Queen asked into thin air.  Her handmaidens better get here quick.  She started thinking of ways to make their lives more interesting, maybe she would have them find her something shiny and expensive.  Something sparkly. 


"Queen we are sorry we are late," said Trix.  She looked at Skadi accusingly.


"What? I can't help it if I had to put together a decent outfit."  Skadi was one to preen herself in either form.  She prided herself on her blue Mohawk and she liked her outfit to match. 


"Let's go girls.  I hope you brought your favorite weapons.  We are going to meet with the All-Father but I have no idea what he wants so we better go prepared.  Last time he sent us to take care of one of his messes we almost got killed."  The Queen wasn't pleased but she knew that this time Odin needed her to help with something that was of their mutual concern.


She wasn't a particularly good driver.  Hence the dangerous part of the journey.  Trix and Skadi looked pained and held onto the car and tried not to transform back into birds to get away.  Duty to your Queen really could be challenging...

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