Saturday, October 25, 2014

0006 Queen Corvidae

0006:  Queen Corvidae by Alsia Soiset
As the gentle screams of her handmaidens went on in the background as she drove towards Ballard, the All-Father, and most likely a heap of trouble she thought of what she had to leave behind.
She was responsible for one of the largest Roosts in the city.  She was the hive mind for all of the crows across the world but her home was Carkeek Park.  She liked the ocean views, the forests and she missed her mate.

As an immortal she had to learn that life and death were fluid things.  As a crow, family was everything.  Your mate had your back, your children, your parents and siblings.  As an immortal she forever lived but her family  changed and morphed over the millennia.  It didn't matter because she loved them all fiercely. 

She had left her mate in charge of the family, her precious crows.  He was well suited for the task as she had chosen him from all the male crows, but she hated to be away.  Her handmaidens were the only ones who lived as she did, immortal, gifted to her to watch and protect her.  Sigh, Skadi and Trix were the best, the most fierce excepting in the case of her driving.

"Please stop screaming you two, I think we are just about to Ballard and then I have to park this hulk of a car." She said with annoyance.  I mean, if you can't handle a car weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds what kind of bird were you anyway?

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