Sunday, August 30, 2015

The ground trembles...

The ground trembles 
Beneath my feet
As I enter into the forest
My forest, my refuge

I walk forward regardless
Unsure of what is causing 
The tremors
And then it happens...

Underneath my feet 
A sapling erupts
A new forest is growing 
Quickly, moving upwards
It pierces my flesh

Limbs reach through me
I am immobilized 
I am rooted
I don't even have a moment to scream 

My body is encased
My arms reaching up inside 
I am blind and cannot hear you

This moment lasts but a minute
A minute, a moment
Reality is broken for me
No longer having access to mine
I sink down into my core

Darkness and silence
Darkness and silence
There is a gentle sensation
Beneath me
Like small hairs, moving, seeking something...
Earth humming against the filaments, our roots

The roots cast out
Searching and feeling, singing
The whole tree is singing
I feel the vibrations 
Humming, my heart starts to beat inside the sound

My blood flows outward
Creating the leaves of the tree
Red leaves unfurling like small hands curled ready to hold water
To hold sunlight

I have been transformed 
Torn and wrecked
My reality taken from me
Reality alien and strange
I am the tree with the blood red leaves

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