Thursday, August 20, 2015

The many pathways.

In the beginning I thought that my path lead me straight ahead
I would force my progress
And in doing so I harmed myself
Maybe others, for I could not see my surroundings 
A narrow focus 
A limited focus, my youth only granting me superficial understanding 

Paths wander and sometimes we are lost

In my newly gifted adult years
I became lost many times
And as many lost people do, I panicked 
I ran in circles, forced pathways
I was bloodied 
I destroyed parts of the forest to find a new path
Sometimes I stopped trying to find a way
Weeping, lost
Calling out for help

I wander and I find you

I found you
On this path
Both facing the same way
Our faces dirtied and scratched
We held each other's hands
Walking on the twisted pathway of life
We argue about the next turn sometimes
But we stick together

The path opens and dissolves

As we reach the end
The path opens and dissolves
We look back, I look back
There never was a path to follow 
It's all forest, thick and full
I walked each step as I needed to
And made a path inside myself

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