Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Hidden World

The forest holds so much information 
Worlds overlapping
Like curtains gently moving in a soft breeze
As they move against each other
The optical illusion broken
For a split second
I see the hidden world in the trees

Determined to find my opening
Running and dancing towards the entrance
Closing my eyes, trusting my knowing
Eyes can play tricks, they hold to reality too firmly
Falling gently into the hidden world

Eyes now open to vibrancy of this new world
Colors warm and soft
Energy moving off the leaves to the heavens
A communication to be sent

I place my hands inside the stream of light emerging 
Touched by this light it moves into me
Changing my cells, changing everything about me
My eyes explode with color
Closing them the colors move inside
A hidden world revealed
A hidden world found

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